WWF Uganda Country Office (UCO) is implementing a project called the Strengthening Sustainable Environment, Natural Resources Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Uganda. But you can simply say SENRMCAM.


Uganda’s populations largely depend on natural resources for their survival. Population growth and environmental degradation are intensifying poverty. SENRMCAM is a Government of Uganda project that is being implemented by WWF Uganda Country Office and is funded by UNDP Uganda Country Office. The project is focusing on strengthening the efforts and capacities of local governments, civil society organisations and communities to sustainably manage natural resources. This project has four objectives;

– Enhance biodiversity conservation and restore degraded areas.

– Promote sustainable land management practices.

– Increase efficient use of biomas energy and promote renewable energy technologies such as efficient cook stoves and briquette making.

– Develop climate change resilience

The SENRMCAM will end in December 2014. This blog will share experiences, stories, and lessons learnt throughout its cycle. Follow this blog if you want to learn more about conservation issues in Uganda as seen by WWF UCO staff.

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