Stop Talking, Start Planting

Action not Words: COVOID, based in Rubirizi district, is training children to plant trees.

Action not Words: COVOID, based in Rubirizi district, is training children to plant trees.

23rd November, 2012

 Media Advisory

Stop Talking, Start Planting

UNDP, together with WWF – Uganda, are collaborating with Community Volunteer Initiative for Development (COVOID),  a child focused non-governmental organization, and Plant for the Planet, to launch the Plant for the Planet Academy Uganda.

Plant for the Planet is a global movement of children and is based in Germany. It was started by 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner in 2007 and has since grown into a worldwide movement of children in 100 countries. Uganda becomes the 101 country to launch the Plant for the Planet academy.The initiative is mobilizing communities around the globe to plant a minimum of 12 billion trees as a strategy to fight global warming, mitigate climate change and promote climate justice. The program hopes to train one million children as Climate Justice Ambassadors until 2020.

COVOID, being a child focused NGO, partnered with Plant for the Planet in order to spearhead the Uganda Chapter as a means of inculcating a tree planting culture among Ugandan children. COVOID will start the Plant the Planet Academy with 120 Climate Justice Ambassadors from primary schools in Rubirizi district.

The theme for today’s launch is Stop Talking and Start Planting. This is because many people do a lot of talking and less action. The time to act (plant trees) is now.

On why the initiative is focusing on schools and children, Mr. Ben Bataringaya, COVOID Executive Director said “Schools are the most important places of learning for children, they have a central place in the community and can also influence communities through outreach activities.”

“Childhood,” he added, “is the best time for children to learn and what they learn is likely to be applied the rest of their lives.  If children are brought into the development process as active participants, they can become change agents within their families and a stimulus to community development.” COVOID hopes to reach one million Ugandan children by 2020.


WWF Uganda, with funding from UNDP, is currently implementing a national project to support communities to sustainably manage and utilize their natural resources.  The project’s full title is Strengthening Sustainable Environment, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (SENRMCAM) in Uganda.

SENRMCAM supported this initiative with tree seedlings and publicity of the event.

For more information please contact:

Ben Bataringaya, Executive Director, COVOID on 0772002879

Gerald Kairu, Project Manager, WWF/GoU/UNDP project on 0776446892

Agnes Asiimwe, Communication Officer, 0712865107





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