The Strengthening Sustainable Environment and Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Uganda (SENRMCAM) is a project funded by UNDP Uganda and implemented by World Wide Fund for nature Uganda Country Office (WWF UCO) on behalf of the Government of Uganda. The project is implemented in collaboration with responsible parties drawn from various ministries, local government and Civil Society
Organizations (CSOs). The project partners include the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Ministry of Local Government (MoLG),
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Makerere University College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. This project aims to strengthen the efforts and capacities of local governments, CSO’s and communities to sustainably manage and
utilize natural resources and build climate change resilient societies.The project has four key Outputs:

i) Mechanisms for enhancing biodiversity conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems demonstrated

ii) Successful Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
practices identified and replicated

iii) Mechanisms for Enhancing Efficient Utilisation of Biomass Energy and Promoting Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) and GHG reductions identified and promoted

iv) Climate Change Resilient Development Promoted
Project objective, priorities and eligibility criteria: The SENRMCAM Project Small Grants Scheme is designed to support on ground natural resource management and climate change activities in the Albertine ri region, cattle corridor areas, dry lands and areas with
fragile ecosystems. The scheme is to support NGO’s and CBO’s to implement community-level activities that may result in strengthening sustainable environment and natural resource management, climate change mitigation and adaptation and produce
development dividends within communities. These grants are competitive and will be vetted using a criteria developed by the SENRMCAM Project Management Unit.

Thematic priorities
1. Sustainable land management
2. Biodiversity conservation and restoration on private/communal lands
3. Livelihood improvement enterprises
4. Renewable energy technologies

5. Climate change resilience innovations
Eligibility criteria
The following will be the eligibility criteria for the beneficiary organizations.
1. Beneficiary NGO/CBO must be from the districts of Masindi, Kasese, Rubirizi, Mitooma, Isingiro, Manafwa, Bududa, Moroto, Kotido, Abim and Wakiso districts
2. Beneficiary NGO/CBO must be legally registered, with good working experience in the proposed activities.
3. Proposed activities should be within the specified funding limits, and within the specified time limit (not beyond November 2013)
4. Adequate capacity and experience to successfully implement the project is highly prioritized.
5. Proposed activities that demonstrate community participation in climate change mitigation and/ or adaptation to impacts are highly desired.
6. Proposals should show elements of gender mainstreaming and involvement in the proposed activities.
7. Organizations with co-funding aspects will be given high priority.
What CANNOT be Supported
• Proposals on consultancies, research and studies.
• Proposed activities outside the targeted districts outlined above.
• Capital equipment
Maximum Budget
A maximum of US$25,000 per organization will be provided
How to apply
Interested NGOs and CBOs should submit completed copies of their
proposals in hard copy in English. The proposals should follow the
guidelines for the SENRMCAM project Small Grants Scheme. The
guidelines can be obtained from WWF website, WWF offices and
natural resource offices of the targeted district mentioned above.
Proposals must be submitted to the address below by 5.00pm, 11th
January 2013.
The Country Director,
WWF Uganda Country Office
P. O. Box 8758, Kampala
Tel: 0414 540 064
Plot 2 Sturrock Road, Kololo.


  1. Great to hear from you people. I would like you to send me the application forms for the NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE SMALL GRANTS SCHEME together with the procedures of application. Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you.

    • Dear Annet,
      The proposal guidelines are too lengthy to be posted here. If you are in Kampala you can pick them up at our offices opposite Lohana Academy, or you can drop your email here and I forward the guidelines to you.

    • Joshua, we are first handling this cycle and depending on how well it goes then there may be another invitation. However there may be other calls for proposals by the project in other areas and not only in renewable energy.

      • Thanks wwfuganda for your positive response as we await for another invitation in other areas not necessarily in renewable energy aas stated!

  2. Hello sir/madam, am manufacturing briquettes as one way of saving the enviroment but needed your support through funding. Could you pliease send me your e mail so that i can send you my company profile and more details. thanks

  3. this is whaat i dream about. i have 5 acres of pine trees how can i be helped to mantain them up to harvesting time . some big question but pse try and answer me. lenox wakiso

  4. Caritas Kasese is a faith based organization operating in kasese district ,more specifically making some interventions on land and environmental protection issues in the district.When we received call for proposals from wwf, we quickly responded by writing a proposal which we submitted to the country office in Kampala.We do not know whether the selection process is over or not .When should we expect feedback?

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