Project hosts energy exhibition in Wakiso District

964G6244 The Strengthening Sustainable Environment, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Uganda Project on March 19th 2013 held an exhibition of Renewable Energy Technologies in Wakiso district. The aim of the exhibition was to popularize the adoption of cheaper and more modern sources of energy. An increase in adoption of these technologies will help minimise climate change impacts.

Uganda has a lot of biomass resources and wastes which are generated in big quantities both in rural and urban areas.  Biomass and municipal wastes can be converted into useful energy products such as briquettes.  In this regard, with funding from UNDP, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and WWF trained Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in Wakiso in 2012 to promote energy enterpr964G6277ises.

The CBOs were also supported with basic energy equipment to start or expand their enterprises. Some of the enterprises include charcoal briquetting from waste, making of interlocking bricks and biogas production. Through these enterprises many youths, women and men are now employed. The people who visited the stalls and interacted with the exhibitors left with knowledge of these energy technologies.

At the exhibition, the CBOs which include Kitaasa Initiatives Wakiso (KIIWA), Community Transformation Initiatives (COTRI), Kavumba Women’s Guild, Wakiso Parish Youths of Apostolate (WAPYA) and Kyebando Energy and Environment Project (KEEP), showcased, marketed and sold their products. The project helped to produce awareness raising material such brochures and banners for these CBOs.

Many other stakeholders in the energy sector were invited to exhibit their clean energy products.

The exhibition coincided with the Earth Hour campaign which calls for a global stand against climate change impacts. The chief guest planted an Earth Hour tree in support of the campaign.964G6541

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