Water Storage Facility Built in Moroto

This facility is a low cost simple innovation. Flowing water is diverted from within a river
bed and conveyed through a filtration system into an impermeable well for storage. A hand pump is used to draw the water. The well is recharged as the water is drawn and the technology design ensures maximum recharge both in the wet and dry seasons.

Karamoja has a semi-arid climate with most parts faced with water stress. Pastoralists have to move for long distances in search of water and pasture for their animals. Pastoralists in Karamoja have over the years engaged in inter-communal conflicts
over pasture, water and livestock.

Working closely with WWF, and with funding from UNDP, International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN is constructing the water facilities as a sustainable solution to drought risk and climate change impacts in Karamoja. The well is excavated deeper than the river bed ¬to create storage space. The walls and bottom of the well are plastered up to the level corresponding to the infiltration gallery in order to reduce water loss through seepage. The well is a circular pit. Its walls are built with curved interlocking blocks; the bottom of the well is cast with concrete. The well is then internally plastered to a height of 15ft from the bottom with a cement:sand mortar mix of 1:3 and waterproof cement to prevent any leakage. The well’s capacity is 12.4m3 or 12,400 litres. A bigger well with larger capacity would require deeper and wider excavation – and more money. A livestock watering trough has also been provided at a reasonable distance from the well to
harvest the water that spills during pumping.

The advantages of this facility

  • Provision of safe water from the river during the wet and dry seasons.
  • Improved quality of water from the river. The turbidity is greatly improved due to presence of filter material in the infiltration gallery.
  • It’s simpler and cheaper to build compared to a subsurface or sand-storage dam.

Construction of such small facilities will greatly increase safe water coverage
during the dry season. The facility can be constructed on a small piece of land
and hence it is possible to build separate ones for the clans that regularly
conflict over water. More wells will be constructed in Abim and Kotido

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