Small Grants Beneficiaries 2014

A message from the Project Manager

As a Project Management Unit (PMU), I must admit that we were overwhelmed by the response. Because of the very many proposals received, PMU had to apply some criteria for screening of proposals. This included determination of whether or not the proponents had a letter of recommendation from the district (by CAO, DNRO and or CDO), and availability of a certificate of registration). That still left PMU with over 200 proposals. This compelled PMU to consider the project’s remaining life time for determining proposal for funding.

Given that the project is officially ending in December 2014 and the limited financial resources, PMU decided to drop the idea of expanding to other districts as per the advert for the call for proposals that appeared in the print media last year. The project decided to continue working in the original 11 districts of Kasese, Rubirizi, Mitooma, Isingiro, Wakiso, Masindi, Manafwa, Bududa, Moroto, Kotido and Abim. This meant that proposals from NGOs/CBOs in other districts could not be considered. We appreciate the interest shown in working with our project and hope that another opportunity to work with WWF as an organization will present itself in the near future.

James Okiria Ateker

Project Manager

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