Small Grants Finalists 2014

The following are the finalists for the SENRMCAM Project for 2014. Congratulations to all the recipients.

  1. Wakiso Youth Apostolate                                                                                                 Wakiso
  2. Green Harvest Initiative                                                                                                    Wakiso
  3. Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda Limited              Wakiso
  4. Buwasa Youth Development Association                                                                      Wakiso
  5. Brilliant Youth Organisation                                                                                              Masindi
  6. South Rwenzori Diocese                                                                                                 Kasese
  7. Mubuku Integrated Farmers Association                                                                        Kasese
  8. Nyamughasana Valley Farmers Cooperative                                                                  Kasese
  9. Hope for Mothers and Child Agency                                                                              Rubirizi
  10. Katara Women Poverty Alleviation Group                                                                      Rubirizi
  11. Bucobata                                                                                                                               Rubirizi
  12. Mitooma Rural Initiative for Development                                                                      Mitooma
  13. MJK Tree Nursery Demonstration Project                                                                      Isingiro
  14. Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children                                                                       Isingiro
  15. Mbewo Farmers Support & HIV/AIDS Control                                                               Manafwa
  16. Bukigai Farmers and Needy Association                                                                       Bududa
  17. Katikekile Action for Development                                                                                  Moroto
  18. Child Way Uganda                                                                                                           Abim


2 thoughts on “Small Grants Finalists 2014

  1. Thanks to all those efforts making environment sensitivity. When mass livelivehoods practice re-orient towards reasonable nature’s resources use will perhaps avert of consequential man made disaster on climate alteration. Together for environment quality and ecological health.

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